Greetings! This is the commons page for the 2020 MLA Roundtable, “Poetry and the Return of ‘Lived Experience.'” Click the link above to download poems that will be referenced during our roundtable discussion.

Description: Panelists examine the resurgence of the term lived experience in recent scholarship and seek a new theoretical articulation of its place in poetry studies. Bringing to bear research in French, Latin American, British, German, and American poetry, from the nineteenth century to the present, discussants explore what the term affords as an alternative to such frameworks as the “neurological turn” and the “affective turn” in humanities scholarship.


Glenn W. Fetzer, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces

Virginia Jackson, University of California, Irvine

Elisabeth W. Joyce, Edinboro University

Robert George Kaufman, University of California, Berkeley

Vincent Sherry, Washington University in St Louis


Atti Viragh, University of California, Berkeley